Greenhouse Interior

Concrete aisles along with gravel plant areas with create better temperature control.

High Density Movable Tables Produce More End Product

Greenhouse Inside Structural

Hemp-Ag Culitvation will be High Density - Automated - Segmented into 3,000sf Space - LED Lighting

Greenhouse Facilities with Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

  • End Elevations - Loading End and Ventilation End of Greenhouse

  • Plan View 3000sf Section of Greenhouse

  • Plan View Full Greenhouse

Greenhouse Outside Structural

Loading and Transport End of Greenhouse Segmented 3,000sf Space

Greenhouse and Metal Building 2 - Elevation View

  • Elevation

  • Plan View Building 1

  • Plan View Building 2

Metal Buildings 1 & 2 - Elevation Side View

Greenhouse and Metal Building 1 - Elevation View

Greenhouse End View Grouping Elevation