Hemp-Ag Inc Storage & Processing Facility with Biomass Power Generation Plant

Site Development Plan

Hemp-Ag Inc is developing and is in the process of purchasing the site. The site will generate 3 megawatts of 3 phase power to the utility under a 20 year contract. It will also produce up to another 2 megawatts of power for its own site use. This power plant will also supply combined heat and power (CHP) for drying fuel and materials when needed and Heating and Airconditioning as needed

HempAg Site Layout of Exisitng and Future Systems

Hemp-Ag Inc is installing the state of the art Biomass Power Plant in Vacant Land at the Facility

Hemp Seed De-Shelling Machine

Hemp-Ag Inc is installing the state of the art Hemp-Seed De-Shelling Machine to provide the seed arts for producing products such as Protein and Flour gluten free products.

Hemp-Ag Lodi Facility

Hemp-Ag Inc is using this site for multiple projects and processes that includes greenhouse complex, combined heat and power biomass generation facility and Ag process facility. this site has a 5 story dryer system with a 3,000 gal propane storage tank and truck scale.

Hem-Ag Inc Porterville Facility Site Plan

Hemp-Ag Inc and Biomass-Power are Co-Located on the Parcel to Take Advantage of the CO2 and Heat Coming Off Of the Biomass Plant. This complex will be the state of the art greenhouse buildings with complete blackout capability for high capacity CBD producing Industrial Hemp. The cultivation are will have mother plants and planting building will provide cloning before placing it the greenhouses.